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“Go get the prince. Go!” Reji flings his arm and point finger toward the door again, and then turns back to the console, finger down, and speaks rapidly. CiCi looks at me briefly, then goes back to watching Rejir, her whole body tense. I hurry to the...

“Yes. Ok. We can be friends again.” I smile, and it’s so easy to do. The cautionary voice in the back of my head throws a tantrum and leaves.

 Looking mildly nonplussed, he says, “…fair enough, I guess.”

Before I consider what I’m doing, I slip my arm...

Seeing my expression maybe, CiCi says, “Do you want to risk them packing it in and heading back into space? You’ll really regret it if you don’t at least check for your necklace there. I’ll be with you the whole time. Come on! Put your shoes on!”



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