Jumping In; Who am I and what is this about?


My name is Rebecca Lucy McCurdy and I am the artist behind the studio, The Vogwen Twin. I am a mixed media artist and illustrator. I am also a writer, and my twin, Mads Merritt, and I have been writing an incredibly long running series called To Be Continued together since 2001. We are also co-authoring a children's book series known as The Adventures of Little Lotar, which I will be sharing more about over the coming months.

In addition to being an artist, I am an avid bookworm, crazy plant lady, and an animal lover. Also, I believe in aliens.

Launching this blog is an exciting facet of my journey to grow my art practice into my full time job. I recently finished my MFA in visual arts. My ideas of success and where I would like to put my energy in life have been growing and changing significantly, especially in terms of my willingness to take part in someone else’s rat race. In a world where one needs experience to get a job and a job to get experience, I have witnessed endless frustration and discouragement all around me. And I'm over it. In response to this, I have decided to set my own metric for success. Creative fulfillment, connections with other artists and creators, developing healthy goals and habits to support my art practice, and a work-life balance that allows me to enjoy my life and those around me more fully are all non-negotiable facets to the career I dream of creating for myself.

I also want to facilitate conversations about art, creative expression, and all the fears, feelings, and weird things that come along with it, like bizarre luggage.

My artwork is deeply tied to my interests in science, metaphysics, and science fiction, as well as my love of animals and plants. For me, art making is my life practice; part of mystical and spiritual journey, a daily ritual of well being. Child-like wonder and exploration are required!

That being said!

My head is overflowing with all the things I would like to write about and share with you, so here are a few of the things I want to talk with you about:

-My journey to turn my artmaking into my career. (ups, downs, fears, dreams, risks!)

-My current reading list and the things I’m researching that are inspiring and informing my work.

-The psychological experiences of being an artist; anxiety, the inner critic, overcoming imposter's syndrome.

-My experience with academia as an artist and former art student.

-I will feature other artists that I know, sharing their amazing work and studio practices.

-One of my goals for the year is to attend a lot more art openings and go to museums and galleries regularly, so I will be informally discussing and reviewing what I see.

-Product reviews, because I know that sometimes I would like to know a bit more information about the supplies I buy and maybe I might be able to shed some light on what I work with and enjoy.

-Tutorial videos and timelapses as I work on my own projects.

-Updates on my shop and any events I am taking part in.

And there's lots more, I promise.

I will be publishing a new post each Monday morning, and have a newsletter coming soon, so keep an eye out for the email signup so that you don't miss anything, because there will be BONUS CONTENT!!

Thank you so much for your support and please share this post on social media and invite your friends to follow along. Comment below to let me know what topics you would want me to explore. I look forward to this journey!

~Rebecca Lucy

(Image description: Painting with two female beings, one oriented at the bottom of the image and one coming sideways from the right, into the picture plane. The one at the bottom is primarily green, the one coming in sideways is primarily red. They have blank or open facial expressions, large eyes, and long hair. Around them are abstract shapes, circles and feather shapes mostly, in many colors.)

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