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I made my first demo video! Does that make this a vlog? Also: A Defense of Glitter.

August 8, 2018


Good afternoon! 

I've been wanting to make some simple videos for a while now but wasn't quite sure how to embark into this new branch of content creation. On Friday I had coffee with an artist friend and we decided we would go to Michaels and wander for a bit. I've been playing around a lot with glitter craft paint and iridescent effects in my work, so I took a peek at the selection there and found several things that I thought would be really fun to try out. Then when I was chatting with another friend this morning, I made a quick video to show her the paints that I got, and had the idea to make a demo video! 

It's super not polished; definitely a quick and dirty demo and review, but I feel like I accomplished something huge by making it. I love watching artists demo products and talk about them, and I also really enjoy process videos and tutorials. This is something I could see myself really getting into. I've shared the video below, and it's posted on my youtube channel, The Vogwen Twin. Like and subscribe if it's your thing, because I plan to keep trying out making vids for a while. 

A quick rhapsodizing on the magic of glitter paints:

Craft paint is sort of the red headed step child (no offense to all actual red haired step children out there) of art supplies to a lot of "fine artists," and academics. In my ongoing quest to find joy in creating, I first stumbled across and bought a few bottles of craft glitter paint as an act of rebellion, in addition to childlike glee at the shimmer. In critiques, my work was often described as whimsical or pretty, and I always loved that, until a couple of different critters let me in on the fact that neither of those words were compliments. I personally love whimsical and pretty things, and feel that considering them frivolous or unimportant or invalid is kind of lame and a real killjoy. To each their own; I definitely don't think everyone should like the same things or find the same things important or meaningful! And on that note, I'm going to make whimsical things. And what is more whimsical than glitter? And also what is more polarizing? Known as the Herpes of the arts and crafts world, reviled by Michaels sales associates the world over, and not great for the environment, loose glitter can be seen as the most inane bane of mankind. As someone who once had glitter in her scalp for months on end thanks to working for Michaels, and who almost exploded in rage when she spent literal hours trying to get glitter out from behind the glass of a custom framing order she was working on, I can see that the vitriol is warranted. Enter: Glitter paint! The magic of paint binder saves the day, allowing the world to enjoy all of the holographic, magical splendor, minus the demonic tendency to inexplicably appear in every crevice within a five mile radius of an open glitter jar. 

How do YOU feel about glitter? Let me know in the comments below and keep it to PG 13. I know feelings run hot about this subject that has divided not just our nation, but the world. 

And enjoy my video!


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