I started this page initially so that I could share my artwork with more people. I love to paint and draw, make comics, and dabble in stop motion animation, and my dream is to make those passions my career. Whether it be creating original pieces that bring wonder and delight to others or teaching workshops or classes that help other people open up to their own creativity, I know I will be happiest and best self when I can do this every day, forever.

For many years, I have supported my studio art practice with a home yoga practice. There is something in the mindful movement and introspections of yoga asana that is remarkably similar to what happens when I am immersed in painting or working on other creative projects.

Last year, while on my mat, I had an epiphany that I wanted to pursue yoga teacher training, to deepen my practice, and to learn how I can share the powerful tools of yoga with others. Now that I have my first step completed (RYT 200 training), I can dive headfirst into dreaming up all the way I can bring yoga into people’s lives. Right now I am pursuing additional training in prenatal and kids' yoga, and am always ready for a new opportunity to learn and grow as a practitioner, teacher, and student. 

I look forward to more unique projects and opportunities to teach and share with anyone who wants to jump on for the ride and trust the process. Keep an eye on this space for all the yoga related activities I have cooking, and if you are looking for a teacher to guide your yoga or wellness event, please reach me via the contact tab above.  Let's talk!

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